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We have develop a special sales system to facilitate the purchase experience; this system operates using credit coupons at factory cost, with the bene ts of a direct sale. We also have the infrastructure capacity to ful ll large deliveries in a very ef cient manner. In addition to all of this, we offer services like sampling, measuring, tailoring and customization.


Corporate Sales

We have designed a system of special sales by agreement in order to offer our products to your company personnel straight from the factory, operating by means of vouchers. This system facilitates, in a comfortable manner, the acquisition of: fine men’s clothing, suits, jackets, pants and accessories.


- Designer brands

- Financing

- Factory Stores

- Prices direct from the Factory

- Direct sales to employees in spaces assigned by, and within, the company



We bring with us, the experience and infrastructure to attend to all the orders you may place for: corporate, executive, administrative, scholastic and casual uniforms.

Additional services:

- Samples

- Taking measurements

- Adjustments

- Personalization